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When you say “extended enterprise LMS,” you’ll probably get some head scratches or shrugs — after all, most people are unable to tell the difference between a traditional and an extended enterprise learning management system (LMS).

Yet, even if you’re unfamiliar with the term, that doesn’t mean you don’t know what you need in an extended enterprise LMS. The goal of a dedicated online learning portal is to empower internal and external employees, teams, customers and other external learners with the training opportunities they need. That’s where Thinking Cap’s extended enterprise LMS provides a centralized solution to all of your organization’s distinct learning program needs.

What is an extended enterprise LMS?

An extended enterprise LMS enables employers to expand beyond cut-and-paste training content to provide individual departments with their own training solutions — all with one LMS solution. This can extend beyond departments to include an external audience, such as customers, sales partners, resellers and more. Essentially, the LMS allows multiple departments to work in a combination of shared and/or isolated modes to enhance the customer experience.

Within the Thinking Cap platform, the organization is defined by a tree structure, where each branch represents a domain. These domains can inherit settings from their parent domains and share activities with one another to enhance the learning experience. These capabilities help strike the perfect balance between centralization and independence.

Thinking Cap’s extended enterprise LMS features

Instead of juggling multiple different eLearning programs to meet the unique needs of each department, an extended enterprise LMS can service the entire organization without any hassle. This prevents the dreaded “one-size-fits-all” course, which can hamper individual employee training needs.

With Thinking Cap LMS each department can design its own learning activities while benefiting from commonalities that simplify workflow. Other features include:

Mini-LMS for each group.

Experience all the power of an LMS with distinct learning paths for each group — but under one centralized platform.

Share and reuse activities across groups.

Reduce replication of work effort and/or learning content creation.

Customize learner experience for each group.

We offer learner portals for each group that meets the unique requirements for their learners' scenarios.

Brand each group differently.

Apply the appropriate design to each group's interface.

Automated group membership.

Simplify the day-to-day management of users platform-wide.

Consistency and flexibility.

Rules-based inheritance allows for greater consistency of experience while allowing for flexibility for groups.

Security and privacy.

Manage privacy throughout the platform and assign security to be specific to each group.

Reduced costs.

Enjoy one platform with one cost for each user, instead of a separate LMS license for each group.

Comprehensive reporting.

Benefit from centralized reporting for stakeholders and filtered reporting for each group.

Why should you implement an extended enterprise LMS?

The fundamental objective for any company is to find an online learning platform that fits your one-of-a-kind needs — and that’s what Thinking Cap’s extended enterprise LMS does. This type of LMS services any organization that has diverse training cultures that all need to be housed under one roof.

Keep up with modern training and compliance needs

As the eLearning industry rapidly evolves in today’s digital age, so too must your LMS software. An extended enterprise LMS allows you to meet training needs that are customized to each department or audience, without sacrificing ease of use. This ability also enables your company to keep up with industry regulations and changes to ensure full compliance training. Easily implement blended learning to optimize your training program. Learn more about Thinking Cap compliance and training here.

Ensure groups all have the privacy they need

We understand that our clients require 0% leakage, so we guarantee that our extended enterprise domain provides 100% privacy of domains — in fact, not a single domain has to be aware of the others. If a client has projects that need to be shielded from other domains of the organization, that can be easily done through our LMS.

Unify users under one centralized platform

An extended enterprise LMS guarantees improved learning experiences for each department without creating impenetrable training siloes. This not only improves the overall learning experience but also connects your entire ecosystem of learners within one streamlined LMS platform.

Grow your LMS with your business

An extended enterprise LMS guarantees improved learning experiences for each department without creating impenetrable training siloes. This not only improves the overall learning experience but also connects your entire ecosystem of learners within one streamlined LMS platform.

Grow your LMS with your business

Our extended enterprise LMS provides companies with the ability to restructure, remove or add domains as needed. This means that as your company evolves, your LMS can match it side-by-side. You’ll no longer have to worry about how structural changes affect your corporate training programs as the LMS domains are fully customizable for your scaling needs.

Reduce costs and improve your bottom line

Beyond learning, this will positively impact your company’s bottom line as you can accelerate training programs with increased engagement and ensure each learner has what they need to succeed. This reduces long-term training costs from alternative siloed programs for each department. You can also cut costs associated with in-person training courses, such as travel, accommodations, venues and more.

FAQ — Thinking Cap extended enterprise LMS

Yes, a user can exist in more than one domain. Additionally, if that user is an administrator, they can be assigned different security roles in each domain.

Yes, you can set up security settings, roles, language support, nomenclature, activity pre-sets and much more for child domains. This enables you to maintain centralized consistency across the LMS.

No, there’s no limit to the number of domains you can have. Build the tree structure that represents your company’s learning communities. You can also use the built-in tools to add to, delete and restructure your domains as your enterprise changes.

Absolutely! As mentioned above, there’s no limit to the number of domains you can have. Add, delete or restructure your enterprise’s child domains, or branches, to scale with your users as you evolve.

Yes, Thinking Cap LMS can easily be added to your enterprise’s current digital architecture. Every function in our LMS is exposed as an XML/SOAP Web Service. For custom integrations of users, a simple SFTP can be done. For more in-depth information, check out our Integrations page.

Yes, each domain in our LMS is capable of having its own unique integrations.

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  • How Framework Homeownership delivers more than 100 domains in conjunction with partnering banks to train over 70,000 homeowners each year.

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